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Why Insulating Glass Inside surface always exist fog?

Why Insulating Glass Inside surface always exist fog?

Recently,many customers ask me why their insulating glass always has some fog inside after fixed.


Here are 4 reasons I summarized:


1.The glass has not be thoroughly cleaned.

Clean glass is the import progress of insulating glass produce. If the greasy dirt and sweat stain were not cleaned thoroughly.

It will greatly reduce the cohesiveness of sealant. So that the water and vapour is easy to enter inside of insulating glass.

2.Wrong choose and use of sealant .

  1)Bad quality of butyl and secondary sealant has high vapour transmittance

  2)Some secondary like weather proofing structural sealant has plastify ingredient which can dissolve the butyl rubber. 

This may cause the first sealant dilution and flow.If the first sealant and secondary sealant come from different manufacturers is easy cause this phenomenon.

  3)Use adhesive tape to replace the butyl sealant. Adhesive tape is convenient to carry and with cheap price. However, it has low cohesiveness and high vapour transmittance.

3.Poor operating during producing IG.

  1)The machine or labor cause holiday and gap when coating the butyl.

  2)There is air mixed into sealant when coating the secondary sealant.

  3)The secondary sealant coating too thin.

4.Molecular sieve with low water absorbtion.

  General speaking, 3A molecular sieve is the most suitable desiccant for insulating glass.It can absorb the water and organic solvent but not absorb other gas.

It keep dry of inside space of insulating glass . Because of the high price of 3A molecular sieve, some manufacturers not choose this kind, but when u choose other molecular sieve,

please remember to make the vapour absorbtion test before use.